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Making Chocolate "cello"

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  • Making Chocolate "cello"

    I have been making my own Limoncello for many years but I could never find a good recipe for making the chocolate version or the cream version. I tried making the chocolate version once but it just didn't make the cut. Does anyone have a good recipe for making it? There is a little factory down in Minori that makes one with grappa and also pepperoncini. They were excellent.
    Zidanie, any help would be greatly appreciated. or anyone else.

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    Okay, someone has to know.


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      I've never heard of the chocolate "cello" but if it is cream based the procedure is probably close to making home-made kahlua, irish-cream or my favorite, rum cream.

      ...they don't come out exactly right but it is close enough.

      I've been infusing liquors for years now but I don't make lemoncello because I can't get lemons I feel are good enough. I stick to "schnaaps" made from blueberry, blackberry or walnuts (aka siberian medicine).

      Just thinking aloud: what if you infused vodka/grappa/grain spirits with coco beans, or even better - roasted coco nibs? The texture might be off, but I bet it would have a rich coco flavor.


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        When you go back to Italy you must try it, it's really great! I like it over vanilla ice cream I tried making it with melted chocolate bars and mixing in the infused alcohol but I couldn't get the right consistency. I have also made kahlua but not the same.
        I still make limoncello but I am very selective about the lemons I get. I have recently made mandarino cello, it's pretty good. Have you ever tried to make it?


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          Fun With Booze

          My next trip to Italy, I have a lot of regional liquors to try- life is tough

          I've never made anything with tangerines or mandarin oranges, but with all the essential oils in the skin it must come out excellent.

          What I make usually depends upon the season: I'm using the blueberries and blackberries from this past summer (they work fine frozen) and now that christmas is coming, it's time to buy the walnuts to make Samagon. It's not like Nocino, you don't use unripe walnuts, instead, Samagon is a siberian method where you infuse the hard black membranes (not the meat) in vodka. That is where all the essential oils are -steep it for at least 2 months and it's like drinking walnuts.

          keep on experimenting - that's half the fun!


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            When making it with tangerines or mandarines , you first peel the fruit and take a knife and scrape off the white of the peel, that's where the bitter part is. It is a bit more time consuming to make but it is very good. Clementines are the best but you have to use more because they are smaller. Someday I'll try the walnut version. I assume you can get grain alcohol in Mass?


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              actually no, you can't get grain alcohol in Mass. But you can get it in NH I think. For the walnut/fruit infusions it's better not to use pure grain - sometimes when dealing with over 100 proof it can bring out some bitter compounds so I stick to middle grade 80-100 proof vodka.


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                You can't get it here in Virginia either but in North Carolina. One of the perks I had as Government employee and living in Naples, I was allowed a wine collection shipment ,free and I could also add alcohol in it too. So I sent back along with 300 bottles of wine, a case of alcool, 96% alcohol. The bottles were 2 liter so I had six of them , I am down to my last 2
                I won't say how many bottles of wine I have left


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                  its looking delicious.
                  I've never made anything with tangerines or mandarin oranges, but with all the essential oils in the skin it must come out excellent.
                  Espelette Pepper|Fruit Vinegar


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                    You have to be careful with oranges , you have to make sure you don't get much of the white or it will be bitter. When made correctly, they are really good. If you want the recipe, let me know.


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                      here is a great recipe for chocolate-cello


                      good luck


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                        RP, thanks for that, I don't know how I missed this post. I think I'll try it and see how it comes out. I will be going to the Amalfi Coast in April and I will ask one of the vendors down there how they make it. If it's not too hard I'll post it when I get back.
                        What part of Southern Joisey are you from? I used to live in New Brunswick.


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                          Silly question, but is this a drink?

                          I wonder because when it cools down again, doesn't the chocolate harden again turning your drink back into a solid?

                          Do you just warm it up again to drink it? or is it soo good that there are none left over anyway?

                          Also, did you try the linked recipe? Was it all you hoped for?

                          I have a batch of brownies to make next but if you say this recipe is good, maybe the brownies will have to wait!


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                            Mike, yes this is a drink. When you go to Italy , you must try it. I tried a similar recipe (an experiment actually) where I melted the chocolate and added limoncello, I just couldn't get the right consistency, but when you add the alcohol it softens it. I haven't tried this recipe yet but I will.
                            Why can't make the brownies and the drink at the same time?


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                              Re the link to the recipe. What is half and half?

                              I have a bottle of Vodka ready to go.

                              Can one of you post the Limoncello recipe as well?