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  • Learning Italian with Movies

    I was wondering if anyone else has done this...

    ... I find an Italian movie I really like (Bread and Tulips, for instance) and I watch it many times with English subtitles. Then after I know the story inside and out, I turn on Italian subtitles instead, and watch it a few more times. I always take notes about words and so on... although I don't get too caught up in this part because otherwise I lose the story.

    Then finally, I graduate!
    I turn off all the subtitles and watch the movie. If I can understand it, I reward myself with... another Italian movie!

    I THINK I'm learning Italian this way... I sure can understand the movies, and I can understand most of what they're saying, and I look up words I get confused about, and so far, I think it's working.

    What do you think?
    Does anyone else do this?


    It seems to work

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    Italian movies to learn Italian

    A list of Italian movies with English subtitles is at this article
    ** Please check the article link above for updates - I will add more movies when they are signaled

    However here is a copy of the list
    The below are mostly comedies

    I soliti ignoti ( big deal on Madonna street : A classic )
    Johnny stecchino ( Benigni )
    Il Mostro (Benigni slapstick but funny )
    La vita e' bella (Benigni comedy / drama)
    Mediterraneo ( Diego Abbanantuomo)
    il Postino ( Massimo Troisi )
    Pane e Tulipani / Bread and Tulips (2000)
    Le Fate ignoranti (not quite a comedy but quite good )
    Mad About Opera / Follie per l'Opera (1950)

    If you have a region free DVD you can find several decent italian comedies with English subtitles like
    - Ma che colpa abbiamo noi ( Verdone ) Very good !
    - Tre Uomini e una gamba (Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo)
    - La leggenda di Al, John, and Jack (Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo)
    - Honolulubaby (Nichetti)
    - Le tre mogli

    Also you can rent on Netflix ( by the way if you belong to Netflix please ask them to expand their international selection.... )
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      Movies Italian

      Anything with Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo!

      And it's too bad that you can't find TOTO movies with subtitles, he is the best!! Equivalant to maybe I love Lucy's or the success of Abbott and Costello

      I also found the movie 'Maddalena' with subtitles in the USA starring Monica Bellucci
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        Monica Bellucci

        Monica Bellucci is one of the most beautiful women in the world, I think!
        She was in a great movie called "Remember Me, My Love" and it has English subtitles.

        Re Paolo's list... there are some great movies there!
        La Fate Ignoranti was great, Bread and Tulips of course (one of my favorites), Mediterraneo was great (as was Il Barbieri del Rio, also with Diego Abbanantuomo) and Il Postino... all wonderful.

        I'll check out the other ones.



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          Respiro (i found here at blockbuster) i think you will like it.


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            Great idea

            I like the idea of learning the Italian through the films. I will give it a go with "La Dolce Vita."
            Can anyone remember the title of the film about a family of Italian jews who are sent to a concentration camp. It was amazing that the film makers managed to make such tragic material so warm and even include laugh out loud moments. I believe it was released in the mid 1990s.


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              I haven't seen the movie, but I believe you are referring to Benigni's "Life is Beautiful".

              I was wondering where people can find Italian films with Italian subtitles. I live in the USA, and all the Italian films only have English (and other non-Italian) subtitles. I have even tried searching for Italian movies for the hearing-impaired, hoping they would have Italian subtitles.


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                Italian Movies/Subtitles

                I have also tried to find Italian-subtitled Italian movies... can't seem to get them here in the States. Iv'e been thinking of trying ?

                If you find some, let me know where I can get them!


                PS -- Also, yep, that was LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, the funny concentration camp movie. Seems an oxymoron, doesn't it?


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                  Italian movies with english subtitles

                  I checked on
                  Yes there is for example the movie
                  Ma Che colpa abbiamo noi - C Verdone - Good comedy - With subtitles - The problem is that it is 20 Pounds + Shipping from England !

                  and another good comedy
                  La Leggenda di Al John and Jack with Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo
                  Thisis 18 pound + shipping
                  At this time there aren't many Italian movies available in the US with subtitles.

                  .. I will try to investigate more.


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                    buon giorno a tutti membri di questo forum


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                      Another good movie

                      "Io non ho paura" by Gabriele Salvatores based on the novel by Niccolo Ammaniti. It was nominatd for best foreign film in 2004. Very suspensful and beautiful cinematography. From the point of view of kids - Steven Steilberg without the Hollywood endings.


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                        thanks for the feedback will search for that movie, I'm eager to learn italian, maybe I can teach them english or spanish in exchange for conversations in italian


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                          Learning Italian and about Italian culture

                          Just came back home from a longish trip and saw this movie: Divorzio all'italiana.

                          A comedy, hilarious in parts, directed by Pietro Germi, about a Sicilian man Baron Ferdinando Cefalu ( Marcello Mastroianni) who wants to get rid of his wife Rosalia ( Daniela Rocca) after 12 years of marriage, because she is the vacuous type and obviously not a nubile nymphet like his 16-year old cousin, Angela(Stefania Sandrelli).

                          The concept of "Honore" seemed very male-chauvinistic, and in some way the director seemed to be making fun of the olden Sicilian way of life.

                          Has anyone else seen this movie? If you are an Italian, and if you have, can you tell me what you think of it?


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                            Re: Learning Italian with Movies

                            IMHO, any exposure helps. As you likely know, learning anything well ultimately requires that it become second nature. The day I realized I could 'think in Italian' - without having to translate into English in my mind - that was the day I knew I was actually learning something - not just memorizing.
                            This is an old thread - maybe you've gone beyond this by now!

                            Blaine in ABQ


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                              Re: Learning Italian with Movies

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