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What country outside of Italy has the most people of Italian descent?

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  • What country outside of Italy has the most people of Italian descent?

    Answer: Brazil with 25 million which is about 13% of the total Brazilian population.

    Argentina on the other hand has 18 million which is little more than half of it's population. 3/4 of Buenos Aires the capitol of Argentina is of Italian descent.
    Quindi this is why Argentinos speak Spanish with a distintive Italian accent.

    Countries with significant Italian populations

    1. Brazil 25 million

    2. Argentina 18 million

    3. United States 17.2 million

    4.France 2 million

    5.Venezuela 1.9 million

    6. Uruguay 1.5 million

    7. Canada 1.3 million

    8. Australia 1 million

    9. Switzerland 750,000

    10. Germany 611,000

    11. Belgium 280,000

    12. United Kingdom 133,000

    13. Chile 150,000

    14. Costa Rica 122,500

    15. Paraguay 100,000

    16. Spain 95,337

    17. South Africa 35,000

    18. Cuba 33,245

    19. San Marino 28,000

    20. Luxembourg 20,000

    21. Croatia 19,636

    22. Peru 13,500

    23. Monaco 10,000

    24. Ireland 5,811

    25. Mexico 5,000 (Before the year 2080 Mexico will have 30,000 people of Italian descent)

    Just by chance was talking to this lady from Peru the other day who is of Italian descent.
    She was trying to tell me that Peru had the most people from Italy after Argentina.
    I had mentioned Venezuela having more but she had said no. Well, turns out Peru is
    only #23 with only 13,500 and Venezuela is #5 with 1.9 million.
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    I'm very surprised the UK has so few Italians at 133,000! How accurate are these figures likely to be because it seems as if I know 132,999 of them!


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      Italian Britons also known as Britalians, are British citizens whose ancestry originates in Italy. The phrase may refer to someone born in the United Kingdom of Italian descent or to someone who has themselves emigrated from Italy to the United Kingdom. More specific terms used to describe British Italian people include: Italian English, Italian Scots and Welsh Italians.

      According to the 2001 census a total of 107,002 Italian-born people are currently living in the United Kingdom, of whom 38,694 reside in London.[1] The British Embassy estimates that 19,000 Britons recide in Italy, and 150,000 Italians recide in the UK. [

      Roman Britain

      The Romans were the first Italians to settle in the British Isles came as far back as AD 43, when Emperor Claudius invaded.


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        This is a list of notable Italian Britons.

        This is a list of notable Italian Britons.

        John and Sebastian Cabot famous explorers and the actor Sebastian Cabot.

        Barbara Cassani
        Charles Forte, Baron Forte
        Rocco Forte
        Anita Roddick

        [edit] Chefs
        Gennaro Contaldo
        Marco Pierre White
        Aldo Zilli

        [edit] Inventors and Researchers
        Anselm of Canterbury
        Tiberius Cavallo
        Dino Dini
        Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti
        Anthony Mascolo
        Joseph Whitaker

        [edit] Language Specialisers

        Writer and scholar, Isaac D'Israeli
        [edit] Cartoonists
        Edward Ardizzone
        Barry Fantoni

        [edit] Librarians
        Anthony Panizzi

        [edit] Poets
        Emilia Lanier
        Christina Rossetti
        Dante Gabriel Rossetti

        [edit] Scriptwriters
        Dominic Minghella

        [edit] Translators
        John Florio
        Dante Gabriel Rossetti

        [edit] Law

        Former UK Prime Minister, Benjamin DisraeliElish Angiolini
        Giovanni di Stefano
        Albert Profumo
        John Woodcock

        [edit] Writers
        Harold Acton
        Isaac D'Israeli
        David Profumo
        Maria Francesca Rossetti
        William Michael Rossetti
        Rafael Sabatini
        Alexander Trocchi
        Naomi Westerman

        [edit] Media

        [edit] Actors

        Actor, Alfred MolinaPeter Capaldi
        Tom Conti
        Michael Costa
        Michael Greco
        Christopher Lee
        Anthony Minghella
        Max Minghella
        Nico Mirallegro
        Alfred Molina
        Daniela Nardini
        Adrian Paul
        Robert Rietti
        George Rossi
        Victor Spinetti
        Enzo Squillino Jr.
        Stephen Storace
        Ken Stott

        [edit] Actresses

        Actress, Tamzin OuthwaiteNina Conti
        Minnie Driver
        Claire Forlani
        Cherie Lunghi
        Nathalie Lunghi
        Linda Lusardi
        Tamzin Outhwaite
        Gloria Paul
        Suzi Quatro
        Gia Scala
        Lucia Elizabeth Vestris
        Naomi Westerman
        Thaila Zucchi

        [edit] Comedians
        Ronni Ancona
        Nina Conti
        Armando Iannucci
        Joe Pasquale
        Victor Spinetti

        [edit] Directors
        Josh Appignanesi

        [edit] TV Personalities

        19th century actress Lucia Elizabeth VestrisPaul Torrisi

        [edit] TV Presenters
        Paul Coia
        Romana D'Annunzio
        Thalia Pellegrini
        Carla Romano

        [edit] Mobsters
        Messina Brothers
        Charles Sabini

        [edit] People linked to Royals
        John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton
        Peter II, Count of Savoy
        David Rizzio

        [edit] Politicians
        David Bellotti
        Benjamin Disraeli
        Linda Fabiani
        Ernesto Nathan
        John Profumo

        [edit] Religious Figures

        One of the 19th century's most famous Jews, Moses MontefioreCharles Januarius Acton
        Augustine of Canterbury
        John Marco Allegro
        Boniface of Savoy, Archbishop of Canterbury
        Mario Conti
        Moses Montefiore
        Philip Tartaglia

        [edit] Sport

        [edit] Boxers
        Joe Calzaghe
        Enzo Maccarinelli

        [edit] Cricketers
        Tony Palladino

        [edit] Dancers and Coreographers

        World cup winning footballer, Simone PerrottaFlavia Cacace
        Vincent Simone
        Bruno Tonioli

        [edit] Footballers
        Marco Adaggio
        Joe Bacuzzi
        Ryan Baldacchino
        Peter Bonetti
        Martin Buglione
        Alex Campana
        Tony Cascarino
        Mike Cecere
        Mark DeBolla
        Danny Dichio
        Mark Falco
        Joe Fascione
        Lil Fuccillo
        Marco Gabbiadini

        Race horse jockey, Frankie DettoriDario Gradi
        Giuliano Grazioli
        Lou Macari
        Giuliano Maiorana
        Peter Marinello
        Dominic Matteo
        Johnny Moscardini
        Daniel Nardiello
        Michael Nardiello
        Tom Parrinello
        Marco Pelosi
        Simone Perrotta
        Danny Racchi
        Adriano Rigoglioso
        Robert Rosario
        Ricky Sbragia
        Riccardo Scimeca
        Tom Sermanni
        Paolo Vernazza
        Giuseppe Wilson

        [edit] Race Car Drivers
        Paul di Resta
        Dario Franchitti
        Marino Franchitti
        Dario Resta
        Roy Salvadori

        [edit] Race Horse Jockeys

        Rugby union player, Lawrence DallaglioFrankie Dettori

        [edit] Road Racing Cyclists
        Max Sciandri

        [edit] Rugby Players
        Lawrence Dallaglio
        Simon Danielli
        Marcus Di Rollo
        Peter Sidoli
        Robert Sidoli
        Marko Stanojevic

        [edit] The Arts

        [edit] Artists
        Giovanni Battista Cipriani
        Emilio Coia
        Maria Cosway
        John Marcangelo
        Alberto Morrocco
        Eduardo Paolozzi
        Carlo Pellegrini
        Dante Gabriel Rossetti
        Alexander Rossi
        Jack Vettriano

        [edit] Circus Performers

        Poet, painter and translator Dante Gabriel RossettiEmilia Arata
        Victor Arata
        Joseph Grimaldi

        [edit] Composers
        Muzio Clementi
        Maria Cosway
        Felice Giardini
        Remo Lauricella
        John Marcangelo

        [edit] Conductors
        John Barbirolli
        Nicolas Mori
        Antonio Pappano

        [edit] Designers
        John Amabile

        [edit] Musicians

        US singer of Italian descent, Gwen Stefani lives in the UKPerry Bamonte
        John Barbirolli
        Anthony Bassano
        Nicola Benedetti
        Jim Capaldi
        Paul Coletti
        Maria Cosway
        Sophia Dussek
        Felice Giardini
        Tony Iommi
        Remo Lauricella
        Nicolas Mori
        Vincent Novello
        Antonio Pappano
        Sergio Pizzorno
        Suzi Quatro
        Francis Rossi
        Barry Wallace

        [edit] Opera Singers
        Louisa Bassano
        Domenico Crivelli
        Clara Novello
        Nancy Storace

        [edit] Photographers

        Actress and singer Minnie DriverAlexander Bassano
        Felice Beato
        Oscar Marzaroli

        [edit] Singers
        Minnie Driver
        Sophia Dussek
        Brian Johnson
        Lisa Maffia
        Paolo Nutini
        Suzi Quatro
        Chris Rea
        Francis Rossi
        Sharleen Spiteri
        Gwen Stefani
        Lena Zavaroni
        Thaila Zucchi

        [edit] Other

        'The Lady With The Lamp', Florence NightingaleNancy Dell'Olio
        Dennis Donnini
        Peter Falconio
        Florence Nightingale

        [edit] See Also
        Italian Briton
        Immigration to the United Kingdom
        Italian diaspora
        List of Italian Americans
        Italian people
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